January 16, 2008

My newest undertaking...

Finally, I got a sewing machine!

I remember using my grandmother's sewing machine as a child. I was never any good. But we had fun together, making dolls and clothing. Ever since then I've wanted a machine of my own. I don't know if it's nostalgia or what.
I have no interest in making clothing, or dolls. I might be interested in tailoring or repairing clothing; I haven't decided yet.

What I'm really interested in is making quilts. There is a wonderful textile museum near where I grew up. Still, I love to visit when I go east. They are just so detailed and beautiful. Every quilt tells a story - not only about the quiltmaker, but also about the period of history. I am drawn to them, and I want to know how.

I bought some books about quilting. I researched websites - I found some beginner patterns so I can 'begin' to teach myself. I solicited my family for fabric scraps. I even bought myself some quilting supplies. I'm ready, right?

We'll see about that.

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