March 7, 2009

A day's work

I made a loaf of bread and a batch of bagels this afternoon. I've gotten pretty good at wheat bread - I use the bread machine to knead/rise, then finish the loaves in the regular oven. I do that so the pieces of bread will fit in the toaster.

It's only my second attempt at bagels, and they came out MUCH prettier this week. They actually look like bagels! Last week's bagels were ugly but delicious. I used a different recipe; hopefully they aren't pretty but yucky. Too hot to taste right now.

It took the better part of the afternoon, but I'm very proud.


Tessa said...

Beautiful!! Hopefully yummy too :) You tuck your ends a bit better than I do. Mine tend to have little nubbies sticking up where the ends overlap :) Happy Baking! If you come up in May we should go to the King Arthur Flour store (right down the street). I bet you'd love it!

leanne said...

I've never tried making bagels......I'll have to! I did make your cookies today, though! Love you,