March 28, 2009

Bug Mugs

So a Boston-based bicycle shop owner commissioned me to make some mugs - to try to sell in said shop. Coffee mugs in a bicycle shop? I could work with this: Their team mascot is the cockroach, every time I've watched a race or looked at pictures the cyclists are covered in mud...

The result is something I would never drink out of. The style and aesthetic are (shall we say) unpalatable.

They sold out within hours of being posted on the shop's blog. Wow.

Have I found my niche?


RMM said...

You are creating something that you find disgusting. Do you feel conflicted?

Also, note that most cyclists are not into cockroaches, it is specific to our team.

leanne said...

These mugs do not quite show off your amazing talent but do show how creative you can be!